BOVINE Plus by Reap Interactive

Daily automatic bovine weight monitoring

"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it" Peter Drucker

Animals that are consistently achieving high performance reach their target market weights faster. This typically results in a more profitable animal that produces less greenhouse gas emissions due to its shorter lifespan.

Its time to remove the guesswork!

Beef Farmers

  • Is your ration working for your animals?

    • Are you feeding to much or to little?

    • Are you using the correct ingredients? Are your animals performing better on a barley based or maize based ration?

    • How good is your grass? Which fields are cattle performing best on?

    • How good is your silage? DMD does not tell us how animals perform on the silage.

    • In winter are your animals performing better on slats or drybed? on rubber or not?

Dairy Farmers

  • Is your cows weight being monitored for loss of condition or illness?

  • Are your replacement heifers reaching their weight targets?

  • Are you able to remotely monitor the performance of your contract reared heifers?

  • Are you feeding your calves the correct amount of milk to ensure they are growing adequately?

Increase Efficiency

Continuously monitor average daily weight gain.

Increase profit

Animals that perform better reach target market weights faster, this reduces input costs per animal and increases the farm throughput of animals.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Get animals to market finished weight at a younger ago and therefore reduce the carbon emissions per animal.

Benefits of using BOVINE Plus

Improved Efficiency = More profit + Less Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Irish government has stated that in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the beef sector we must focus on reducing the national average slaughter age of beef animals from 27 months to 24 months. This would reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the beef sector by approximately 12%. It’s clear that this is something that the government feel is achievable but how we collectively achieve this is as yet unclear.

At Reap Interactive we believe the only way to achieve this target is to make our efficient farmers even more efficient!

But how do we do that?

We enable continuous monitoring of each individual animal's performance and we enable data based management decisions.

In summary we use BOVINE Plus!

BOVINE Plus monitors each individual animals performance and provides the data that allows each farmer to make the best possible management decisions. This ensures that animals stay on target and there is no lapse of days or weeks where animals that underperform are not picked up on.

BOVINE Plus allows farmers to set target weight and dates for each animal and the farmer then compares the progress of each animal every day against the targets set, underperforming animals are addresses quickly and brought back on target. Animals can be grouped based on performance which enables diet and environmental factors to be determine depending on group performance.

Recent showcase :

The National Ploughing Championships 2022

Enterprise Ireland & NPA Innovation Arena

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